Our Graduate Profile

At The American School of Santo Domingo, we take immense pride in shaping well-rounded and accomplished individuals who not only excel academically but also embody the core values that define our institution. Our Graduate Profile represents the culmination of our students' journey through our comprehensive and nurturing educational environment.

Effective Communicator

Capable of evaluating and validating different perspectives through active listening, reading a variety of texts and genres and engaging in artistic appreciation. Able to explore own thoughts and theories by confidently using writing, voice and artistic expression to communicate ideas and feelings, adapting messages considering audience and purpose.

Lifelong Learner

An inquisitive and courageous learner with regards to a wide range of issues, draws and uncovers connections among disciplines, finding relevance and purpose in learning.Driven by a growth mindset.


A creator of things that are socially relevant and environmentally sustainable. A designer of multiple solutions to problems, imagining new possibilities by using a diverse set of tools, skills, and disciplines.

Emotionally Regulated

Able to recognize emotions, values and strengths to make assertive decisions and form positive relationships with self and others. Self-aware of own interests and goals, remaining optimistic and integral, develops and follows own path by focusing on the personal process of progress and growth.

Proactive Citizen

An active collaborator with the local and global community to protect the well-being of the ecosystem by using ethics and principles to guide decisions. A productive member of society, well informed of issues facing the nation and world, always vigilant to safeguard people 's individual freedoms and political rights.


An analytical and critical thinker who makes informed decisions, aware of one's own biases and weighing the credibility of evidence and source, to translate thinking into action. A creative and flexible thinker who considers alternatives and opinions to see issues in novel ways.